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Sodium Silicotungstate

Chinese Name: 硅钨酸钠
English Name: Sodium Silicotungstate
Chemical Formula: Na4Si(W3O10)4·20H2O
Molecular Weight: 3326.53
Appearance: Colorless crystalline
Crystalline Structure: Triclinic crystal
Decomposition Temperature: 100℃
Solubility: Soluble in water, acid and ammonia solution, slightly soluble in ethanol.
Stability: Lose 7 molecular water under 100℃, decomposed under high temperature.

Sodium silicotungstate is a kind of inorganic compound, belongs to silica tungstate, appearance is colorless triclinic crystal, soluble in water, acid and ammonia solution.

yellow tungstic acid photowhite tungstic acid photo

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