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Tungsten Trioxide Producing Tungsten Powder by Aluminothermy

Aluminothermy is a kind of method to have high melting point metal simple substance by reduction property of aluminum powder, it is often used to smelt high melting point metal. During its exothermic reaction, magnesium rod is often used as kindling agent, potassium chlorate as combustion improver. Magnesium rod can burn in the air with oxygen as oxidation agent.
Tungsten Trioxide Aluminothermy Producing Tungsten Powder

Tungsten has high melting point which will reach 3410±20℃, it is a kind of refractory metal. Tungsten trioxide reacting with aluminum powder under high temperature, the W atom is permuted, it shows the strong reducing property of aluminum, at the same time, it will be oxidized to aluminum oxide, chemical equation is: WO3+2Al=W+Al2O3

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