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Tungsten Vanadophoric Heteropolyacid

Tungsten vanadophoric heteropolyacid is usually synthesized from disodium hydrogen phosphate, sodium metavanadate and sodium tungstate with a certain structure, and its formula is: H5PW10V2O40, The two classic structures of it are Keggin and Dawson. Tungsten vanadophoric heteropolyacid can be prepared by processes of adding feed step by step, fractional acidification, reflux boiling and ether extraction.

phosphorus vanadium and tungsten heteropoly acid FT-IR spectrogramphosphorus vanadium and tungsten heteropoly acid XRD

Tungsten vanadophoric heteropolyacid can as a polymerization inhibitor to show a good inhibiting effect to methyl methacrylate; furthermore, the more vanadium atoms the tungsten vanadophoric heteropolyacid has, the better polymerization performance it has.

Polymerization inhibition refers to after radical transferred to certain substances to form a stable radical and can no longer lead to monomers, and resulting in stopping of polymerization process; while, such substance which stops the polymerization is known as a polymerization inhibitor, an industrial additives.

Tungsten Vanadophoric Heteropolyacid Catalyst

Tungsten vanadophoric heteropolyacid as a catalyst, particularly has better performance after loading silica, can be used in the oxidative desulfurization of petrochemical industry oil; also can be used to degrade organic pollutants, such as rhodamine B and so on.

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