Cast Tungsten Carbide Powder

cast tungsten carbide powder

Specifications of cast tungsten carbide powder

cast tungsten carbide powder:
1.US-standard mesh:-8~+400
2.grey color with luster

Cast tungsten carbidepowder: Particle Size should be in line with: Powder weight percentage for upper size should be no more than 5%,; for lower size no more than 7%, and the particle size for cast tungsten carbide can be produced according to customers' requirements.

By melting tungsten metal and tungsten monocarbide (WC) together, a eutectic composition of WC and W2C is formed. This melt is cast and rapidly quenched to form extremely hard solid particles having a fine crystal structure. A tough, feather-like structure is preferred over the brittle, blocky structure obtained by insufficient quenching. The solids are crushed and classified to various mesh sizes.

Cast tungsten carbide powder attribute:

1. US-standard mesh:-8~+400
2. hardness  (HRA):93
3. grey color with luster

    Main   Content Max(%)       





   ImpurityContent Max(%) 
















Packing: In sealde plastic bags with outer iron drums of 100/200 kgs net each. we can meet your special requirements.

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