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Nickel Based Tungsten Carbide Powder

Nickel based tungsten carbide powder mainly refers to add tungsten carbide powder (WC) on the basis of self-fluxing nickel-based alloy to enhance its hardness and wear-resistant. The main products of self-fluxing nickel-based alloy powder are nickel-chromium boron-silicon and nickel-boron-silicon alloy, which have overall performance of low melting point, good self-fluxing, excellent wear, corrosion and heat resistance and anti-oxidation, to be the most widely and earliest used self-fluxing alloys.

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Nickel based tungsten carbide powder can be divided into two types of mechanical hybrid and coated, either of both suitable for different spray environment; wherein the mechanical hybrid is suitable for one-step spraying, and the coated is suitable for plasma and oxygen - acetylene flame spraying. Nickel based tungsten carbide powder is mainly used for oil drill pipe joints, reamer, fan blades, pulley, screw conveyor, guide, shovel blades, blade and other surface strengthening and repair of surface spraying.

Preparation Method for Nickel Based Tungsten Carbide Powder

Generally, the preparation methods of nickel based tungsten carbide powder are atomization, mechanical mixing, and sintering method. Wherein nickel based tungsten carbide powder prepared by atomization has a good spraying performance, uniform layer chemical composition, no macro-segregation, and tungsten carbide in it is not easily oxidized, but WC content should not be too high; preparation of mechanical mixing method can greatly improve the WC content, however, followed by a coating of segregation increasing; sintering method results in small composition segregation is, but with the highest cost.

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