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Ammonium Tungstate Catalyst

Reports about ammonium tungstate catalyst it is still relatively defective now. For choosing a optimized new catalyst, some researches take UV lamp as the light source, multi-salt - ammonium tungstate as photocatalyst in the photochemical reaction apparatus, to study its effect on the photocatalytic decoloration and degradation of methyl orange dye simulated wastewater; and study the dynamics of ammonium tungstate catalyst of degrading methyl orange under 300W UV light shines.

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Methyl orange is a representative model compound of dye with its main structure of azo and quinone structure; the waste water which contains methyl orange dye has the properties of strong toxicity, large emission and difficult to handle ect., thus to be one of the refractory industrial wastewater.

Study has found that multi-salt-ammonium tungstate catalyst has good photocatalytic decolorization and degradation for methyl orange; and, the effect is related to initial acidity of solution, catalyst amount, initial concentration of methyl orange and light intensity and other factors. In addition, the experiments showed that the optimum conditions of ammonium tungstate photocatalytic decolorizing methyl orange are 5mg/L the concentration of methyl orange solution, high pressure mercury lamp of 500W irradiating for 1.0h, initial pH value equals to 2 and catalyst concentration of 0.2g/L, decolorization rate can be up to 90.8% in that environment.

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