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Tungsten Powder Process

Prepared Tungsten Powder (High Apparent Density Powder) has a number of valuable uses in today's world.  Prepared Tungsten Powder is a combination of different sized powders, and is used for casting and other special applications.

tungsten powder

Beginning with tungsten ore (wolframite, scheelite, synthetic scheelite, ferberite, hubnerite) or secondary raw materials (hard and soft scrap), we produces tungsten powders that provide the purity and particle size uniformity required by manufacturers of metallic tungsten products and cemented tungsten carbide.

Tungsten powder is prepared by hydrogen reduction of tungsten trioxide or ammonium paratungstate. Hydrogen reduction process for the preparation of tungsten powder is generally divided into two phases: the first phase of 500 ~ 700oC temperature, tungsten trioxide reduction dioxide tungsten; the second phase in the temperature of 700 ~ 900oC, tungsten dioxide reduction into tungsten powder. Reduction reaction is often carried out in a tube furnace or a rotary furnace. Restore the performance of the tungsten powder (such as purity, particle size, particle size, composition) depends primarily on the reduction process. Restore the tungsten powder in a tube furnace, the reduction rate of the main parameters of the reduction temperature of the burning boat load of tungsten oxide, and burning the boat moving speed, moisture content in the hydrogen flow rate and hydrogen. As the reduction temperature increased, the grain size of tungsten powder thicker. Preparation of tungsten powder in addition to hydrogen reduction, there are early adopters of the tungsten oxide of carbon reduction, reduction temperature above 1050oC. Purity of tungsten powder is lower under this way. In addition, the tungsten metal aluminum, calcium, zinc oxide reduction process work in progress. For special applications requiring high purity, ultra-fine grained tungsten powder, the development of chloride, hydrogen reduction of tungsten, the tungsten powder particle size is less than 0.05μm.


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