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Tungsten Trioxide Shielding Material

Tungsten trioxide(WO3) can be used as shielding material due to its fine absorption and shielding efficiency for magnetic wave. Research shows that, compared to lead, tungsten has better shielding property. It can be used in medical shielding material or can be produced into metal fiber anti radiation cloth which has good breathability, washable, well shielding effect and has no side effect for human being.

Metal fiber anti radiation cloth is the third generation anti radiation product. Use blended weave of tungsten oxide fiber and cotton fiber which is drawing it into filament and form net structure inside the fabric. The metal fiber net can be used to reflect magnetic wave. When metal net dimension is smaller than electromagnetic wave, radiation will be blocked out of body.

WO3 Anti Radiation Fabric

It is reported that researchers use natural rubber as carrier, adding a certain ratio of metal compound such as PbO, WO3 and auxiliary material to mix and sulfuration. This kind of material belongs to polymer composite protective material, its property is related to content of lead and tungsten. As a result, this kind of material has protection effect from X-Ray, can be made into personal protective cloth or division protective screen. Also is used in medical treatment X-Ray or industrial flaw detection X-Ray.

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