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Tungsten Trioxide SCR Catalyst

Tungsten trioxide(WO3) SCR catalyst is the main part of SCR denitration technology, it determines the running and economic efficiency of SCR system. WO3 often takes about 10% content which can promote the thermal stability of carrier, avoid losing activity owing to calcination under high temperature. Besides that, the adding of WO3 improves the anti-sulfur and anti-alkali poisoning ability, thus the catalytic property will be better.

SCR Catalyst

According to different shape, SCR catalyst can be divided into plate-type, ripple plate-type, honeycomb fashion. In terms of different ingredients, it can be divided into precious metal and metal oxide catalyst. WO3 is common used metal oxide in SCR catalyst. In high temperature denitration process, the best reaction temperature is 350℃, efficiency will reach 70% which reaches emission standard of 150mg/m3. Also the denitration efficiency is stable for low NOx emission.

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