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Tungstic Acid Precipitation Method Testing Protein Content

sodium tungstate photo

Tungstic acid precipitation is one of methods for testing protein content. Its principle is to make the protein denaturation and chemical changes, the protein content can be obtained by measuring its color change.

Using sodium tungstate as tungstic acid to test protein content, the steps are as following;
1.Weigh a certain amount of sample in 20ml measuring bottle, add 10ml water, 2.0ml sodium tungstate solution 10%, 0.33mol/L sulfuric acid solution, add water to scale. Or weigh 2ml sample, add in 14ml water, 2ml 10% sodium tungstate solution, 2ml 0.33mol/L sulfuric acid solution.
2.Shake up and stay still for 30 minutes, filter, abandon the filter liquid. Sample amount can be adjusted according to protein content, tungstic acid concentration should be maintained at 1%.

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