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Tungsten Chloride

Tungsten chloride is compound of tungsten and chlorine, it is important raw material in new material application field, includes tungsten dichloride, tungsten trichloride, tungsten tetrachloride, tungsten pentachloride, tungsten hexachloride, can be oxidized in the air.

Tungsten chloride will decompose in water, the product may be blue tungsten oxide or tungsten oxide hydrate.

Tungsten chloride can dissolve in CS2, oxidize in the air, easily soluble in chloroform, methanol, ether, acetone, pyridine, glycerol, petroleum ether, ethanol, carbon tetrachloride, phosphorus oxychloride, benzene. It is sensitive to moisture, should be kept in cool and dry place.

Tungsten chloride hydrogen reduction characteristics lies in many chlorides with low valance, it comes with a series of decomposition reaction and disproportionation reaction. Tungsten chloride is also raw material of carbene based on tungsten.

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