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Cesium Tungsten Bronze

Cesium Tungsten Bronze Picture

Cesium tungsten bronze is a blue-black powder, functional compound of non-stoichiometry and specific structure of oxygen octahedral, and has low resistivity and low temperature superconductivity property.
Appearance: Blue-black powder
Formula: CsxWO3
English Name: Cesium Tungsten Bronze

Property of Cesium Tungsten Bronze

1. Uniform particle size, high crystallinity;
2. Easily dispersed in polar and non-polar solvent;
3. Excellent electrical and optical properties with the near infrared blocking rate up to 95% (Transmittance of visible light is 70%);
4. Good absorption for far infrared region (8-10μm);
5. Good glass thermal insulation performance and promised to be widely used in fields of building and automotive glass insulation as smart windows.

Preparation of Cesium Tungsten Bronze

Preparation of cesium tungsten bronze can be citric acid induced hydrothermal synthesis method, which takes citric acid and ethanol as the reducing atmosphere, carboxyl or hydroxy in the citric acid and ethanol can be oxidized to carbon dioxide and carboxyl at high temperature and pressure; meanwhile W6+ is reduced to W4+ or W5+, then cesium ions go into tungsten bronze structure to generate CsxWO3.

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