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Tungstophosphoric Acid Hydrate

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Chinese Name: 钨磷酸水合物
Chemical Formula: H3PO4.12(WO3).xH2O
Molecular Weight: 2898.07
Melting Point: ~95°C
CAS Number: 12501-23-4
Dangerous Code: C
Dangerous Grade: R34
Security Grade: S36/37/39
Storage and Transport: Easily get wet, sealed and kept in dry and cool place.

Tungstophosphoric acid hydrate is also called phosphotungstic acid hydrate, which is phosphotungstic acid, it is a kind of grey powder, has acidity and oxidation property, environmental friendly, is a new kind of multifunctional catalyst. It is efflorescene, can be soluble in alcohol, ether and water.

Tungstophosphoric Acid Hydrate Application
1. It is mainly used in biological alkali, nitrogenous base, phenol, protein, peptone, amino acid, uric acid, blood and carbohydrate agent.
2. Biological dyeing.
3. Catalyst for organic synthesis.
4. Used as biochemical reagent and chromatographic reagent, used to separate, test, research the toxicology of chemicals, medicolegal expertise and analysis of biological material.
5. Used as precipitation, oxidizing agent and color developing agent.
6. Used in the experiment for testing thin-layer chromatography.
7. Test phosphoric insecticide content in fruit, vegetables, plants and food.

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