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Tungsten Trioxide Smart Window

Tungsten trioxide smart window has become popular in recent years. Electrochromic thin film can be used in smart window, display of large surface, high contrast ratio, high definition and no angle difference of view, light adjusting of car mirrors. Among many electrochromic material, tungsten trioxide has high coloring efficiency, good reversibility, short responsive time, long service life and low cost, it is regarded as the electrochromic material which has the most widely application prospect.

Tungsten Trioxide Smart Window

Tungsten trioxide electrochromic thin film has the advantages of wide range of transmissivity, good cycling stability, low raw material cost, low working voltage and energy cost, environmental protective, has memory function, easy to have batch production. It can be widely used in display, WO3 smart window, information display and so on.

Tungsten trioxide smart window producing method is based on the existing sandwich glass, settle the smart film between two layers of common glass. By changing voltage, light transmittance can be altered, from transparent to opaque. The chromic theory is the insert of outlet of electron and ion in the glass.

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