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Tungsten Pentoxide

tungsten pentoxide monocular structure image

Chinese Name: 五氧化钨
English Name: Tungsten Pentoxide
Chemical Formula: W2O5
Molecular Weight: 447.677
CB Number: CB12293487
CAS Number: 530099-64-0

Tungsten pentoxide is oxidative form of tungsten, valence is +5, preparation equation is 2WO3+2H++2e-=W2O5+H2O.

Research shows that tungsten compound nourishment includes tungsten oxide, tungsten pentoxide or tungsten dioxide can be used to prevent urolithiasis and gout. Treatment in uric acid and its salt in the urinary tract stones, will replace clinical allopurinol and overcome its effects on xanthine oxidase, aldehyde oxidase, sulfite oxidase and related biochemical metabolism which will bring impact on human body.

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