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Blue Tungsten Oxide Application

100 times of BTO metallographic microscope

Blue tungsten oxide application mainly reflects in it as an intermediate in metallurgical industry for manufacturing tungsten powder and other tungsten material (tungsten and tungsten carbide), blue tungsten oxide (BTO) is an important raw material; moreover, since it is relatively easy to control particle size and size distribution in blue tungsten oxide reduced to tungsten powder, it is benefit for doping other elements in the tungsten powder reduction process, thus BTO is gradually replacing tungsten trioxide as the raw material of producing special tungsten, tungsten powder.

Currently, technology of tungsten powder and tungsten carbide powder is going toward to direction of ultrafine (nanometer), ultra-roughened ultra-purified, centralized. Thus, with a certain crystal form and large specific surface area of blue tungsten oxide application is more extensive, it will further promote development of ultrafine tungsten and tungsten carbide powder.

Studies have pointed out that a preparation method for preparing blue tungsten oxide with high-surface area, which the product has higher specific surface area, larger chemical activity, faster hydrogen reduction than the normal blue tungsten and further expands the blue tungsten oxide application.

Strengthening the tungsten skeleton sintering and infiltration is being another blue tungsten oxide application. Add a certain amount of blue tungsten oxide in the production process, using its reducing property to produce different size tungsten powder ensure communication aperture smoothly formed, to realize the purpose of forming a backbone network with a certain strength at lower temperature.

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