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Tungsten Trioxide Ceramic

tungsten oxide ceramic

Tungsten trioxide ceramic has good physical and chemical property. Tungsten trioxide(WO3) is an important high-tech material which has nonlinearity, high dielectric constants, electrochromism, gas detection, chemical catalytic property. Tungsten oxide ceramic can be divided into ceramic varistor, ceramic capacitor, photochromism ceramic thin film, gas sensing ceramics, photocatalytic degradation ceramic thin film, battery anode ceramic material, microwave absorption ceramic thin film, high temperature pyroelectric ceramic and other functional ceramics.

Functional ceramic has great property in electricity, magnetic, voice, light and heat which are better than other materials. Some functional ceramic materials can be applied in even wilder field. The property is determined by its inner electronic status or atomic nuclear structure, so it is also called electric ceramic. It has been widely applied in energy development, sensor technology, laser technology, photoelectronic technology, infrared technology, biotechnology, environmental science, and so on.

Tungsten trioxide(WO3) as an important functional material, is applied in electrochromisn, toxic gas detecting and photocatalytic degradation. Tungsten trioxide ceramic has the potential to be applied in varistor. Besides that, study on electrical properties of WO3 functional ceramic, doping low valence metal element and rare earth element shows that doping technology can change the nonlinear coefficient to perform its special electrochemical property.

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