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Nano Bismuth Tungstate

Chinese Name: 纳米钨酸铋
English Name:nano bismuth tungstate
CAS Number: 13595-87-4
EINECS Number: 237-033-7
CB Number: CB1346396
Chemical Formula: Bi2WO6
Molecular Weight: 1161.4700
Exact Weight: 1161.7500

Nano bismuth tungstate can be used as photocatalyst, the structure determines the catalytic activity. Increase the surface area of nano bismuth tungstate can improve its catalytic property.

nano bismuth tungstate monocular structure imagenano bismuth tungstate SEM

Nano Bismuth Tungstate Preparation
1. Weigh 5~10ml concentrated nitric acid, dilute with 50~100ml deionized water to get dilute nitric acid solution.
2. Dissolve bismuth nitrate pentahydrate in dilute nitric acid to prepare solution with concentrate 0.01~0.1mol/L, stirring for 15min on stirring hot plate.
3. Weigh 50~100ml deionized water, dissolve sodium tungstate in it, stirring with stirring hot plate for 15min until it dissolves completely, solution with concentration 0.01mol/L is obtained.
4. Dry it in drying machine under 50℃ will obtain Bi2WO6 photocatalyst.

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