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Tungsten Oxide Catalyst

Tungsten Oxide Photocatalyst
Photocatalyst is a kind of material which will accelerate chemical reaction under illumination without changing self changing. Photocatalyst mainly uses nature light to convert into energy requested for chemical reaction and thus have the catalytic function, surrounded oxygen and moisture is stimulated to anion with oxidizing power. The photocatalytic property of tungsten oxide photocatalyst with single content is weaker than doped one. By semiconductor composition, metal doping or metal ion doping, its catalytic activity will be promoted. The regular semiconductor composite photocatalyst are WO3/α-Fe2O3, WO3/CeO2, WO3/Y2O3, WO3/TiO2, WO3M/CdS/W. Metal doping such as Pt, metal ion dopoing such as Y3+,La3+,Eu33+,Tb3+.

Tungsten Oxide Denitration Catalyst
Denitration Catalyst
Mainly used raw material of SCR denitration catalyst are TiO2, V2O5, WO3, stearic acid, ammonium metavanadate and so on. TiO2 as the carrier material is most largely used, it takes about 85% of the raw material part. Tungsten oxide and V2O5 as active ingredients takes about 10%, V2O5 takes 7%. The above three content takes 95% of the catalyst. Although other ingredients only takes a small part, but they also play an important role due to different chemical function. Tungsten oxide mainly promotes the temperature adjustment ability and thermal stability of titanium dioxide. It avoids catalyst lose activity under high temperature.

Tungsten Oxide Desulfurization Catalyst
Desulfurization Catalyst
Sulfide is a kind of hazardous element. Coal with high sulfide content will bring great harm when it is applied in fuel. SO2 gas after burnt will cause corrosion to tube and pollution to environment. Use high sulfide content coal to make gas will make catalyst lose effect due to lots of hydrogen sulfide gas wont get released.

Tungsten oxide as main active ingredients evenly spread on the tungsten desulfurization catalyst will lower the activation energy of reaction. Apart from that, it will also slow down the sulphur poisoning of catalyst and promote its anti calcination ability. The catalytic property and desulfurization efficiency are then largely improved.

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