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Tungsten Carbide Powder Application

Tungsten carbide powder application is mainly used as raw material of hard alloy, in tungsten carbide powder, carbon atoms are embedded into the lattice gap of tungsten powder without destroying the original metal lattice, and formed interstitial solid solution, therefore, also known as interstitial or inserted compound.

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Exemplification of tungsten carbide powder:
1. A large number of tungsten carbide powder is used for making high-speed cutting tools, kiln construction materials, jet engine parts, metal-ceramic materials and resistive heating elements ect.;
2. Manufacture of cutting tools, wear resistance parts, melting crucible of copper, cobalt and bismuth and other metals, wear resistance semiconductor thin film;
3. Tungsten carbide powder can be formed solid solutions with a number of carbides, as the of super-hard tool and wear-resistant materials, in which WC-TiC-Co cemented carbide tool has been widely used; in addition, it can serve as modification additives of ternary system carbide of NbC-C, to play the role of both reducing sintering temperature and maintaining the excellent performance;
4. Used as aerospace materials;
5. WC is suitable for machining at high temperatures, can be made cutting tools, construction materials of furnace, jet engines, gas turbines, nozzles ect..

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