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12-Phosphotungstic Acid

Phosphatic Tungstic Vanadic Acid Structure Picture

Chinese Name: 12-磷钨酸
CAS No.:1343-93-7
Chemical Formula: H3PW12O40
Molar Mass: 2880.2 g/mol
Melting Point: 89℃
Solubility: 200g/100ml (water)

12-Phosphotungstic acid (TPA) is white grey powder solid, has unique structure and strong acidic and oxidation property, it is multifunctional catalyst which can be widely used in petroleum metallurgy industry. Due to its fine catalytic property and stability, it can be used as homogeneous or heterogeneous reaction or even phase transfer catalyst. It is environmental friendly. 12-Phosphotungstic acid has efflorescene, soluble in ethanol, ether and water, can be produced by reaction between sodium tungstate and disodium hydrogen phosphate.

12-Phosphotungstic acid belongs to electron dense material, it is opaque under electron. In transmission electron microscopy, phosphotungstic acid can be used to as negative staining toward virus, neuro, polysaccharose and other biological tissue.

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