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Hexagonal Tungsten Trioxide

Hexagonal tungsten trioxide is focused due to its special hexagonal path, many metal ion can insert to this path which forms into hexagonal tungsten bronze. It has prospect application in cathode material and chargeable lithium ion battery. Apart from that, study shows that nano hexagonal tungsten trioxide material can apply as photocatalyst to degrade organic material.
Hexagonal Tungsten Oxide Structure

Hexagonal tungsten trioxide has stratified structure, fixed point of octahedron is joined to form as hexatomic ring, it can become one dimensional hexagonal path. Besides that, the nearest hexatomic ring forms as triangle which will also become one dimensional triangle path. Hexagonal tungsten trioxide is metastable state phase, the producing method is mild. Sodium tungstate and hydrochloric acid can be used as raw material, and then by thermal method with additive like potassium oxalate and potassium sulphate.

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