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Tungsten Disulfide Lubricant Coating

Tungsten disulfide lubricant coating is painting (WS2) on the surface of gear, bearing, stainless steel and medical equipment to form a lubricating coating for reducing the wear and bite of work-piece and improving the service life.

Tungsten Disulfide PhotoTungsten Disulfide Lubricant Coating

Tungsten disulfide lubricant coating is a new type lubricating antifriction material, its static dry friction coefficient is 0.07, while the dynamic dry friction coefficient is only 0.03, thus to be supposed one of the best lubricating materials. Tungsten disulfide lubricant coating can be used under high temperature and pressure, since it has very high extreme pressure capability which can reach to 2000Mpa; it has wide temperature range, study showed that only WS2 can withstand universal high temperature environment of -270°C~1300°C in solid lubrication aerospace industry. Thus, tungsten disulfide lubricant coating is applied as high-grade, high-performance lubricant material in high-tech areas of aviation, aerospace and military ect..

The gearbox is mainly composed of axis and slider, in which the life of slider determines that of gearbox, and thus improve slide abrasion and corrosion resistance can significantly increase its service life. Studies have shown that by RF sputtering the tungsten disulfide lubricant coating on the slider not only can reduce the using amount of lubricant and abrasion, but also has the safety and environmentally friendly feature without any harmful ingredient.

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