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Wide Specification Tungsten Powder

Wide Spec (WS) tungsten powder is a lower grade of tungsten powder that is specifically developed for non-sintering applications where the high density of tungsten is desired yet ext reme purity is not required. With a guaranteed minimum of 96% tungsten, you can have the high density of tungsten without the high price.  Examples of applications include radiation shielding and plastic densification.


W Content (Excluding Gases)

96.0% min.

Oxygen Content

0.5% max.

Other Impurities (Excluding Gases)

4.0% max.

Avg. Particle Size (FSSS)

2 - 9 microns

Apparent Density

40 - 90 g/in3

Mesh Screening

-100 mesh

ANALYTICAL REPORTS A Certificate of Analysis (COA) accompanies each shipment of tungsten carbide powder. We prepare each COA to include the following:
  • Average Particle Size (Fisher Sub-Sieve ASTM B-330)
  • Apparent Density (Scott Volumeter ASTM B-329) ]
  • Particle Size Distribution (Photelometer ASTM B-430, Sedigraph, or Malvern Mastersizer)
  • Chemical Impurity Analysis
Packing:In iron drums lined with double plastic bags of 50 or 100 kgs net each.
Note:Any particular requirements to the products can be discussed.

If you have any interest in tungsten powder, please feel free to contact us by email: sales@chinatungsten.com or by telephone: +86 592 5129696.

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