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PhosphotungsticAcid Preparation Method

Phosphotungstic acid preparation method includes ether extraction method, ion exchange method, can be produced by sodium tungstate and phosphoric acid, add hydrochloric acid as acidifier.

Ether Extraction Method

Add sodium tungstate solution in phosphoric acid and hydrochloric acid, extraction with ether.
1. Dissolve 1000g sodium tungstate and 160g disodium hydrogen phosphate in 1500ml boiled water.
2. Add 800ml concentrated hydrochloric acid drop by drop and keep stirring.
3. Cool down the solution, add 600ml ether without reducing agent, shaking until the liquid is divided into three layers, the bottom layer is phosphorous acid diethyl ether complex.
4. Clean with water for several times, add sufficient ether every time to form the third liquid layer.
5. Add cleaned air into ether liquid layer, let it evaporate crystallization.
6. Filter to get phosphotungstic acid crystalline, stay still and away from dust, until the smell of ether disappears.

extraction method preparing phosphotungstic acid imageion exchange method photo

Ion Exchange Method

1. Prepare raw material solution, mix sodium tungstate solution and phosphoric acid solution, add hydrochloric acid.
2. Use ion exchange resin, let raw material solution pass the first ion exchange resin, test the pH value of obtained solution.
3. The obtained solution with different pH value can be divided into first phosphotungstic acid solution and second phosphotungstic acid solution. Ion exchange method can produce high purity phosphotungstic acid, avoid application of hazard agent, can realize batch production, lower the cost.

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