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SEM Micrograph of Tungsten Oxide

Tungsten oxide, is also named tungsten trioxide, which are mainly for yellow tungsten oxide, blue tungsten oxide and violet tungsten oxide. Actually, there is another tungsten oxide, which is tungsten dioxide, but as for the unstable properties, it is not used widely. The oxygen of yellow tungsten oxide is 3, blue tungsten oxide is 2.95 but violet tungsten oxide is 2.72. There have been different colors of the oxides, blue and yellow tungsten oxides are named after their color, so is violet tungsten oxide.

SEM's whole name is Scanning Electron Microscope, tungsten oxides SEM are showing very different shapes under enlarged images of SEM. SEM micrograph of yellow tungsten oxide and blue tungsten oxide are in cube shape with not so cube, some are with irregular shapes. But SEM of violet tungsten oxide is totally different, its SEM micrograph is with needle shapes.

 yellow tungsten oxide SEM blue tungsten oxide SEM violet tungsten oxide SEM

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