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Deca Tungstate

Chinese Name: 十聚钨酸盐
English Name: Deca Tungstate
Molecular Weight: Mx(W7O24)y (M stands for metal element such as Na, Ca. x and y stand for valance)

Deca tungstate is a kind of isopolywolframate, it has isopolywolframate radical, ammonia radical, alkali metal, alkaline earth and other heavy metal cation can form isopolywolframate. Among many acid, deca tungstate is concerned due to its high quantum efficiency, has become newly developed green catalyst.

Sodium Decatungstate
Sodium decatungstate is a kind of green photocatalyst, chemical formula is Na4W10O32, has strong photochemical activity and electron acceptance capability. Research shows that sodium decatungstate has decolorization effect on methyl orange dye waste water, provide a new way for the research of photocatalytic degradation of dye waste water.

sodium decatungstate space structure imagesodium decatungstate ultraviolet spectrogram

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