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Ammonium Metatungstate(AMT) National Standard

1.Range Ammonium metatungstate national standard stipulates the requirement, test method, detection rule, sign, packing, transportation, storage, quality certificate and contract (or order) content.
This standard is applied for ammonium metatungstate used in petroleum chemical industry and deep processing of tungsten industry.

2.1 Product classification
According to different producing method, ammonium metatungstate can be sorted into two grade: AMT-P and AMT-J, AMT-P is produced by spray method, AMT-J is produced by crystallization method.
2.2 Chemical component:
AMT Content

2.3 Water insoluble matter
Under room temperature, water soluble matter tested by WO3 content 650g/L solution is less than 0.05%.
2.4 PH value
Under room temperature, PH value tested by WO3 content 650g/L solution is less than 4.5.
2.5 Appearance quality
The product is white powder of light yellow crystal, under visual contact there is no inclusion or agglomeration.

3.Test method
3.1 Chemical component test is processed under provision GB/T 4324.
3.2 Water insoluble matter test is processed under provision GB/T 23368.1.
3.3 PH value is tested by PH meter.
3.4 Appearance quality is tested by visual contact.

4.Detection rule
4.1 Inspection and acceptance
4.1.1 Product is checked by supplier to ensure the product is up to the standard, the product quality certificate is required.
4.1.2 After received the product, demander check the product according to the national standard. If the test result is not match to the stipulation, demander should inform the supplier within 15 days from the date of receive. If arbitration is involved, the sampling is provided by demander and arbitration is executed by both parties.
4.2 Order grouping Product should be examined in group, the weight is negotiated by both parties.
4.3 Inspection item Inspection items are listed as below:
AMT Inspection Items

4.4 Testing result
4.4.1 If one of the chemical component, water insoluble matter, PH value is unqualified, then check this item repeated, if the repeated trials is still unqualified, then the product is below the standard.
4.4.2 If the appearance quality is below the standard, then the barrel is unqualified.

5.Sign, packing, transportation, storage and quality certificate.
5.1 Sign
There should be signs on the package include suppliers' name, product name, grade, batch number, net weight, also letters like 'keep away from moisture', 'upward', etc.
5.2 Packing
Product is packed by barrel with polyethylene plastic bag inside, if there is special requirement for packing and the weight for per package, it should be negotiated by both demander and supplier.
5.3 Transportation and storage. During the transportation process, the product should be away from moisture, and avoid violent collision. Product should be installed under dry, ventilated, no acid-based atmosphere. From the date of receiving, the spray product should not be installed over six months, the crystallization product should not be installed over one month.
5.4 Quality certificate
Quality certificate should be included in every batch of product. It should includes:
1) Supplier name, address, postcode;
2) Product name, grade;
3) Batch number;
4) Weight (net weight and gross weight);
5) Standard number GB/T 26033-2010;
6) Test result and seal of quality inspection department;
7) Inspector ID;
8) Inspecting date.

6.Contract (or order) content.
Contract (or order) content includes:
1) Product name;
2) Grade;
3) Weight;
4) Standard number GB/T 26033-2010.

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