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Tungsten Oxide Glaze

Tungsten oxide glaze has better performance than other mixing metal. Tungsten oxide(WO3) is yellow powder which has stratified structure, its color turns from yellow to orange yellow under heating. WO3 applied in ceramic industry mainly embodies in photographic coupler or accelerator for crystal glaze and glass ceramics. That’s the reason why WO3 is slightly soluble in aluminosilicate and low alkali borate glass phase.


Tungsten Oxide as Crystalline Accelerator in Glaze
WO3 is often used for glaze or glass ceramics in ceramic industry. It has small effect for coefficient of thermal expansion, but can improve the viscosity, surface tension and sintering temperature of glaze and glass ceramics.

Besides that, WO3 can improve the waterproof and acidproof of glaze and glass ceramics. It can also restrain the soluble in alkali solution.

Tungsten Oxide as Photographic Coupler for Glaze
There are many reports of WO3 used as photographic coupler in glaze, such as WO3 used as brown crystalline glaze composite or blue crystalline glaze layer. Content of WO3 is about 20~30%.

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