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Tungsten Trioxide and AgO Reaction

Silver Tungstate

Tungsten trioxide(WO3) and silver oxide(Ag2O) reaction will produce silver tungstate(Ag2WO4), chemical equation is:
WO3+ Ag2O= Ag2WO4

Silver tungstate is a kind of light yellow crystalline powder, it can dissolve in nitric acid, ammonium solution and editpotassium cyanide solution. It is often applied in catalyst, electronic and chemical industry. Apart from that, silver tungstate can be easily reduced, reacting with hydrogen sulfide will generate tungsten sulfide which can be decomposed into white tungstic acid hydrate. As one of functional metal tungstate materials, silver tungstate is widely applied in biology, medical, catalyst, electrode and other important filed due to it is a special transition metal.

Silver tungstate is toxic, it will cause inflammation of eyes and skin and slightly harmful to water. Do not release product to sewer without dilution or to environment without government permission.

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