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Tungsten Oxide Property

Common tungsten oxide are tungsten oxide, blue tungsten oxide, violet tungsten oxide and tungsten dioxide, Tungsten oxide property mainly are conductivity, ferromagnetism, catalytic and other properties. Yellow tungsten trioxide property changed with different preparing conditions (speed and temperature): tungsten trioxide prepared at low temperature is more active and easily soluble in water; tungsten trioxide obtained at high temperature is not soluble in water.

Conductivity of Tungsten Oxide

Conductivity of tungsten oxide is an important tungsten oxide property. Numerous studies show that tungsten oxide nanostructures have good conductivity, low threshold electric field, withstand the higher currents and other advantages to catch widely attention in field electron emission device.

An important feature of tungsten trioxide is: redox reaction will cause a substantial change in conductivity, it is restored in an acidic solution to form HxWO3, where value of x is determined by the final reaction degree. It was found that x has a value between 0 and 0.5 all the time, to a tungsten trioxide molecule, the conductive strips which become the empty state of the electronic state of value, and also x value affects the conductivity of material the reaction in an acidic solution is as follows:
(Pale yellow insulation) WO3+xH++xe-⇔ HxWO3(Dark blue conductor)

yellow tungsten oxideTiO2-WO3 photocatalyst

Ferromagnetism of Tungsten Oxide

Ferromagnetism is also a tungsten oxide property refers to magnetic state of tungsten oxide with spontaneous magnetization phenomenon.

Research indicated that magnetic property of hexagonal WO3-Co3O4 composite oxide shows coupling ferromagnetic; select common inorganic compounds as raw materials to obtain a composite oxide fiber morphology, the crystalline comes to hexagonal and triclinic phase blended of WO3-Co3O4 composite oxide and expressed antiferromagnetic coupling. Thus it can be concluded that different crystals of WO3 significantly affect magnetic of Co3O4.

Catalytic Property of Tungsten Oxide

Tungsten oxide property also includes catalytic property, tungsten trioxide is a special N-type transition metal semiconductor material with catalytic property which mainly shows in photocatalysis, electro-catalytic properties. Catalytic property of tungsten oxide being extensively studied, especially has high hopes in terms of hydrogen production from hydrolysis. In addition, different crystalline of tungsten oxide has significantly different catalytic efficiency, researchers found that degradation efficiency of hexagonal tungsten trioxide is more than 30.0%, higher than that of monoclinic tungsten trioxide.

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