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Tungsten Trioxide Testing Sulphur

effect of tungsten trioxide on coulomb titration testing sulphur

Sulphur measurement instrument is the main instrument to measure the sulfur content of the coal. There are many ways of testing sulphur, such as elemental analyzer and infrared testing sulphur analyzer phosphorus measurement method, temperature programmed sulfur measurement technique and Coulomb titration method ect., in which Coulomb titration method is the most commonly used.

Coulomb Sulphur Analyzer Work Principle
Under the effect of high temperature of 1150 ° C and tungsten trioxide catalyst, sample coal burned in the air flow and various forms of sulfur in coal are oxidized and decomposed to sulfur dioxide and a small amount of sulfur trioxide, then oxidizing and titrating the sulfur dioxide by the generated iodine and bromine from electrolyzed potassium iodide - bromide potassium solution; calculate the total sulfur content of coal according to the electrical bromine or iodine consumed raw power.

For ensuring the decomposition of various forms of sulfur in coal, oven temperature should be required at rather high; on the other hand, there is a reversible reaction between sulfur dioxide and sulfur trioxide in the presence of oxygen and heated environment, however, sulfur trioxide does not participate in the reaction in Cullen titration testing sulphur process and makes the measurement result lower, therefore, we need try to find way to make the reaction prone to the direction of generating sulfur dioxide and oxygen to accurate measurement results. However, the high temperature will shorten the life of the combustion tube, therefore, it requires ensuring complete decomposition of sulfur-containing compounds under the premise of reducing combustion temperature, and thus covering a layer of tungsten trioxide catalyst on the coal sample is important.

At the time of testing sulphur in the Coulomb titration process is mainly played the role of catalyst without participate in the reaction, but considerably improving reaction rates. Tungsten trioxide as a catalyst can significantly reduce the activation energy of the reaction, to make the reaction only required to across a relatively low over the energy barrier to occur, thus to save energy consumption.

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