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Nano Tungsten Trioxide Property

Nano Tungsten Trioxide

Nano tungsten trioxide is tungsten trioxide with grain size less than 100nm, it has property of larger specific surface area and has outstanding surface effect. Common nano tungsten trioxide producing method is solid phase reaction method, it is a traditional powder method which refers to mix metal salt or metal oxide with a certain ratio, after grinding, calcinate it by solid phase reaction, micron powder is obtained. Nano WO3 is an important industrial material which can be used to prepare nano tungsten powder and nano tungsten carbide powder.

Fine property of nano tungsten trioxide, such as:
1.Nano WO3 has property of strong absorption ability for magnetic wave, it can be used as great absorption material on the usage of solar energy and invisible material in military.
2.Nano WO3 has large specific surface area property, surface reaction is efficient which is a well performed catalyst.
3.As transition metal compound, nano WO3 also has semiconductor property which is a potential sensitive material toward hydrogen sulfide and ammonium gas.
4.It is a multifunctional semiconductor material which has property of electrochromism, gasochromism, photochromism and super conductivity.

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