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Tungsten trioxide is a kind of η-type large energy gap semiconductor oxide with band gap 2.4-2.8eV. Due to its atom or electron defect in crystalline, its chemometry is deviated, its charge carrier densities are mainly depends on chemometry. It results in the advancing catalytic and gas sensing property, and is used to prepare resistor element.

Since carbon nano tube was found in 1991, one dimensional nano material is becoming more popular due to its special electric, magnetic, optical and heating property, it has proven its value in resistor element and broad application prospect. Tungsten trioxide nanowire has larger specific area than common WO3, it has wide application field in resister element, electrochromism, photochromism, electrode and photocatalyst. Tungsten trioxide nanowire has better surface activity and stronger absorption capability with faster reacting speed, the sensitivity is improved and lowers working temperature of sensor.

WO3 gas resistor element has advantages of simple structure, low cost and high sensitivity, it is thought to be one of the most new oxide gas sensors for NOx, CO, O2 and NH3.

Tungsten Trioxide NO2 Gas Sensor
In 1991, Aliyama found WO3 was fine sensitive material for detecting NO2 under 300℃. NO2 reacting mechanism on surface of WO3 is: when NO2 reaches surface of WO3, the NO2 adhesive electron is better than oxygen, NO2 will take electron from WO3 conduction band, surface barrier of WO3 will be higher, its electric conductivity decreases, resistance increases, this is the working principle of resistor element.

Tungsten Trioxide Hydrogen Sulfur(HS) Gas Sensor
Working Principle: When WO3 gets in touch with HS, negative charge carrier increases, WO3 electric conductivity decreases, thus the resistance increases.

Tungsten NH3 Gas Sensor
Use electrospinning to prepare WO3 nano fiber, its responsive time for NH3 is less than 20 sec under 350℃.
WO3 Gas Sensor

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