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Tungsten Oxide Electrochromic Cell

Electrochromism refers to the change of optical property of material under extra electric field and its color changes reversibly, We can see the color and transparency change from its appearance. Electrochromic material can be divided into organic and inorganic one. Tungsten oxide is the classical material of inorganic electrochromic material. In May, 2016, China developed a kind of electrochromic cell with fast charging speed and high capacity.

VTOChina Developed WO3 Electrochromic Cell

Tungsten oxide electrochromic cell depends on electrochromism of tungsten oxide, using tungsten oxide as anode of cell. It has advantages listed as below:
1.Customer friendly: When the screen is transparent, it means the power is full. When it turns into blue, it means the power is being consuming. When color is getting dark, it reminds user that it needs charge in time.
2.Fast fill: Adding a little hydrogen peroxide can realize fast fill in 8 sec.
3.Large battery container: Compared to traditional cell, the capacity is six times higher. Battery capacity is one of the important characteristics of cell.

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