Tungsten Disulfide Nano Flake

Tungsten Disulfide Nano Flake Dispersion Picture

Tungsten disulfide nano flake is the tungsten disulfide (WS2) powder with nano-sheet-structure. Tungsten disulfide as a transition metal disulfide exhibits excellent semiconducting property and metal or even superconductivity. Single tungsten disulfide is a two-dimensional direct bandgap semiconductor material, tungsten disulfide nano-sheet has some excellent physical and chemical property, and the common preparation methods are direct pyrolysis and chemical vapor deposition method ect..

Tungsten disulfide nano flake not only inherits the lubricating and catalytic properties of tungsten disulfide, but also has been shown to fight cancer. Studies have indicated that tungsten disulfide nano flake can inhibit aggregation of αβ, and effectively photothermolysize the aggregate of αβ, and play the role of reducing the cytotoxicity which caused by αβ.

Preparation of t tungsten disulfide nano flake can take tungsten trioxide and sulfur as raw material, through the activation of ball mill mixing, constant temperature annealing for 30-120 minutes under the protective atmosphere at 600-700℃, and then cooling with the furnace to under 250℃ under a protective atmosphere to get it.

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