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Sodium Tungstate Application

sodium tungstate as mordant

Sodium tungstate application is mainly for producing ammonium paratungstate(APT), ammonium metatungstate(AMT), tungstic acid, tungsten trioxide, tungsten carbide, tungsten rod and tungsten wire. Other special application like tungsten compounds, petroleum catalyst, electroplate, spinning, fire retardant, water treatment, coloring agent and printing ink.

Special Application
1.Mordant. Have great usage in chemical biology, dye for cell and tissue staining, sometimes only dye staining solution does not work. The cells were available at this time, the drug solution and dye binding to tissue processing, staining materials can be the drug solution which is used as mordant. It also refers to the dye by dyeing the fabric on some intermediates used to achieve the purpose of dyeing substances.

2.Catalyst. Change the rate of chemical reaction of reactants without changing the chemical balance, and the mass and chemical properties of itself did not change before and after the occurrence of a substance in a chemical reaction.

3.Stabilizer. Sodium tungstate has excellent thermal stability, superior to the traditional system and lead salts of barium, zinc, cadmium-based stabilizers. Sodium tungstate stabilizer may replace some or all organotin.

4. Fabric weighting agent. Sodium tungstate can be used in weaving the fabric aid of a mixture of sodium tungstate, ammonium sulfate, ammonium phosphate and other components used in fiber fire and water proofing, and this can be made into fireproof fiber rayon and rayon can also be used in leather tanning.

5. Plated anti-corrosion coating.

6. Cosolvents, since the introduction of enamel pigment can reduce the sintering temperature and the complementary of color.

7. For industrial manufacturing oil and aviation, aerospace materials.

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