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Phosphomolybdotungstic Acid

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Chinese Name: 磷钼钨酸
Abbr.: P.M.T.A
CB No.: CB2944368
Color: Solution is yellow
Storage: Sealed in dry, cool place

Phosphomolybdotungstic acid aqueous solution is light yellow, should be stored in dark, sealed, cool place, can be used to test tannin content or as colorant and indicator for tannin spectrophotometry, can be produced by sodium tungstate, sodium molybdate, phosphoric acid.

Producing Method
According to the medical record of People’s Republic of China, version 2005, the steps are: Dissolve 100g sodium tungstate, 25g sodium molybdate in 700ml water, add 100ml hydrochloric acid, 50ml phosphoric acid, heating and backflow for 10h, cool it down, add 150g lithium sulfate, 50ml water and 0.2ml bromine, boil it to remove residue bromine for about 15 minutes. Cool it down, add water and dilute to 1000ml, filter, phosphomolybdotungstic acid solution. Besides that, if the solution turns green, can add 0.2ml bromine to remove residue, the color will recover.

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