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Tungsten Trioxide Produced by Sodium Tungstate

Sodium Tungstate

Sodium tungstate is white crystalline powder, it will weathering in dry air, losing crystalline water in 100℃. As raw material for synthesizing tungsten products, sodium tungstate is an important intermediate material during the process of producing tungsten metal from tungsten concentrate. It is mainly used to prepare ammonium paratungstate and then further processing tungsten trioxide, tungsten metal products, tungsten carbide, tungsten rod or wire, ammonium metatungstate, tungstic acid and other tungsten chemical compounds which are applied in petroleum industry, electroplate, spinning, fire retardant, water treatment, coloring agent and printing ink, etc..

Sodium tungstate preparing tungsten trioxide process:
1.Disoolve 3.5g sodium tungstate in 20ml distilled water.
2.Prepare tungstic acid solution by hydrogen acid ion exchange resin with above solution.
3.Stir the obtained sol gel with 70ml glass.
4.Add 4.84g citric acid into the obtained sol gel, stir it evenly, tungsten trioxide is obtained.

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