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Ammonium Paratungstate(APT)

Ammonium paratungstate (APT) is crystalline material with white powder. The production method of obtaining pure paratungstate crystal is by evaporation of purified ammonium tungstate solution. Factors influencing the quality and physical properties of APT are controlling time, temperature, concentration and pH. The Chinese national standard of manufacturing this product is GB/T 10116-2007, which is a revision of GB/T 10116-1988. Its CAS no is 11120-25-5;14311-52-5, EINECS 234-364-9, formula of H8N2O4W and molecular weight of 283.9145. it is the raw material of manufacturing ammonium metatungstate, and also widely used for producing tungsten metal products.

The SEM micrograph of ammonium paratungstate is multiplying the product under scanning electron microscope, which can be 10 to 100,000 multiplied. The scanning micrograph of APT is really different from AMT. The shape showing from SEM of APT is with cubic shape, but round for AMT.

 AMT molecule ammonium metatungstate SEM ammounium metatungstate formula

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