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Hydrothermal Synthesis Tungsten Disulfide

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Hydrothermal synthesis method of tungsten disulfide (WS2) is one of the main preparation methods of tungsten disulfide. Hydrothermal method belongs to liquid chemical category, refers to the chemical reaction in a sealed pressure vessel at the conditions of high temperature and pressure, and takes water as solvent. Hydrothermal method is using the aqueous solution with high temperature and pressure to dissolve some substances which insoluble or poorly soluble under the general atmospheric conditions, or to get the dissolved substance of this product, precipitating and growing the crystal by controlling the temperature difference to form a supersaturated state by the convection.

Tungsten hexachloride (WCl6) and C2H5NS as the raw materials to prepare tungsten disulfide through hydrothermal method is as following:
1. Weigh 1mmol of WCl6 and C2H5NS 4mmol in the beaker, and after adding 80mL distilled water, place it in a constant temperature water bath pot of 25°C and stir for 1 hour;
2. Transfer it to a hydrothermal autoclave at 180°C hot water for 24 hours after uniformly dispersed;
3. Obtain the black precipitate after cooled to room temperature, wash repeatedly with deionized water and ethanol and then it is dried in a vacuum oven of 60°C for 24 hours;
4. Calcining the dried product in an nitrogen filled tubular furnace at 800°C for 2 hours, then cooling to get tungsten disulfide.

In addition, there is a study which respectively takes tungsten mesh and thiourea as the source of tungsten and sulfur to grow nano-sheet tungsten disulfide on the surface of the tungsten mesh by hydrothermal method to exhibit excellent performance in electric hydrogen evolution.

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