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Tungsten Oxide Composite Powder

Tungsten oxide composite powder mixture of tungsten oxide powder with one or more kinds of other powder, wherein each particle consisting of two or more different chemical component. Composite powder is usually divided into hybrid and coated composite powder, wherein the coated composite powder is differing from conventional hybrid composite powder with its core-shell structure, which consists of core particles and coating layers, different phases of coated composite powder can reach a mixture of each particle, which the uniform mixing particle level is general composite powder generally fail to realize.

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Some studies indicate preparation method of silvery tungsten oxide composite powder and nickel powder mixed powder, the resulting composite powder by molding, reducing to generate silver-nickel-tungsten ingot and get strip or wire by hot pressing, and then machined to give electrical contacts, which have properties of more uniform microstructure and better electrical performance.

Preparation of carrier is the focus of denitration catalyst technology, titanium - tungsten oxide composite powder material can change the structure and surface properties of the support since the composite of titanium dioxide and tungsten trioxide, and also makes the tungsten trioxide more evenly distributed in the carrier, to improve the processing performance of the carrier, which will help in the preparation of the catalyst mixing, extrusion, drying and other processes, to ensure a high yield preparation of the catalyst.

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