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Vanadium Tungsten Titanium Catalyst

Vanadium tungsten titanium catalyst commonly refers to SCR denitration catalyst, which is the core part of SCR system and it determines the operating efficiency and economy of the entire denitration system. The reason why it is called vanadium tungsten titanium catalyst is based on its main components, the most commonly used denitration catalyst takes titanium dioxide (TiO2) as the carrier which accounts for about 85% of the catalyst slurry; vanadium pentoxide (V2O5) and tungsten trioxide (WO3) as the main active ingredient which accounts for about 10%.

honeycomb denitration catalystplate denitration catalyst

Analysis of composition and function in vanadium tungsten titanium catalyst:
1. The titanium dioxide, the so-called titanium dioxide, as the denitration catalyst carrier with the properties of chemically stable, good water-dispersible, large surface area etc.;
2. Tungsten trioxide, also known as tungsten oxide, tungsten anhydride, mainly improving the temperature adaptability and thermal stability of titanium dioxide, to avoid catalyst sintered and activity lost in the condition of high temperature (420°C) in a short time; Furthermore, tungsten trioxide can improve the ability of anti-poisoning from sulfide, thereby improving the operation efficiency of the catalyst;
3. Stearate, also known as stearic acid, exists as a lubricant in the denitration catalyst;
4. Ammonium metavanadate is used for preparing the main active ingredient - vanadium pentoxide in the denitration catalyst;
5. Polyoxyethylene is the binder and a pore-forming agent of the denitration catalyst;
6. Monoethanolamine is used in the preparation of ammonium metavanadate solution;
7. Lactate acid, also known as acid-propanol, as an adsorbent exists in the denitration catalyst;
8. Carboxymethyl cellulose (CMC) exists as an adhesive, plasticizer.

According to the shape, vanadium tungsten titanium catalyst can be divided into three kinds of plate, corrugated plate and honeycomb-type, with their similar main component and function. Vanadium tungsten titanium catalyst is commonly used in thermal power stations, gas turbines, cement, glass ect.. In addition, some improved vanadium tungsten titanium catalysts can not only effectively remove nitrogen oxides, but also play excellent effect in removing dioxin.

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