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Ammonium Metatungstate Producing Method

ammonium metatungstate(AMT)

Ammonium metatungstate producing method (AMT) can be divided into two categories of solid and liquid phase transformation, the specific methods are thermal degradation, liquid - liquid extraction, ion exchange, electrodialysis, neutralization, acid hydrolysis alcohol precipitation method ect..

The typical preparation process of solid phase transformation is thermal degradation method of raw material of ammonium paratungstate (APT), which is currently mainstream technology for industrial producing AMT.

Liquid phase transformation is taking ammonium tungstate solution as raw material, by extraction, ion exchange and membrane electrolysis or neutralization methods to adjust solution pH value to suitable range for getting ammonium metatungstate solution. There are many research fruits of liquid phase transformation, and is developing toward the direction of industrial applications.

Acid neutralization method is one method of ammonium metatungstate producing method. Acid of neutralization method can be an organic acid (formic, acetic, citric and lactic acid, etc.), and also can be inorganic acid (acid, nitric acid, etc.). The organic acid has the advantages of ease acidic and easy to operate, but it is not conducive to the process of industrialization because of the high price; in the inorganic acid, nitric acid has been widely used since the easily available raw materials, low-cost.

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