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Sodium Tungstate Property

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Physical Property
Sodium tungstate is white crystalline powder, rhombic crystalline system, has spinel structure. Its melting point is 698℃, density is 4.179g/cm3, insoluble in ethyl alcohol, soluble in water, solubility is 730g/L(20℃). Its solution has alkalescence.

Chemical Property
1.Solution crystallization method produced is sodium tungstate dihydrate, weathering in the dry air, when temperature reaches 100℃, it will lose crystalline water and turns into sodium tungsate.
2.Decomposed to tungstic acid which is insoluble in water when encountered strong acid.
3.Tungsten compounds is toxic, especially sodium tungstate. Get contact with tungsten compounds will stimulate the upper respiratory tract and deep respiratory tract. It also has irritation toward human's eyes and skin. During the operating process, making contact or inhalating will make people be general weakness, fever, rash, proteinuria.

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