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Tungsten Carbide Powder Producing Process

Tungsten Carbide Powder Producing Process

Tungsten carbide powder producing process includes several major steps, namely ingredients calculation, mixing, carbonizing and milling of materials.

Ingredients calculation: When calculating the ingredients, the consuming of carbon powder and oxygen should be considered, in addition to the amount of carbonizing tungsten, besides tungsten powder contains a small amount of oxygen.

Mixing materials: The uniformity of tungsten powder and carbon mixture determines the quality of tungsten carbide powder, if uneven mix of materials, stratification and black heart will occur in tungsten carbide powder. In the tungsten carbide powder producing process, generally mix tungsten powder and carbon in a ball crusher for 2~4 hours (ratio of ball and material is 1:1, diameter of the ball is 35~50mm), and when no stratification is observed with the naked eye, it indicates that the material has been mixed uniformly.

Carbonization: The carbonization of tungsten carbide powder is generally carried out in a graphite carbon tube furnace, and the carbonization process can be chosen in accordance with the particle size of tungsten powder and required tungsten carbide particle size; in general, carbonization of fine tungsten powder will require temperature of 1300~1350℃, while the carbonization of crude tungsten powder requires a higher temperature of 1600℃ for 1~2h.

Milling: Milling often performs in a ball crusher with the ratio of ball and material of 1:1, the diameter of ball is suggested to 10~45mm, and the milling time depended by process requirements, which is usually 2 hours. In order to prevent dust powder, sieved should be carried out in a closed environment, the fine tungsten carbide particles through 200 sieve, medium grain passing through a 250 sieve, and the coarse particles through 60 sieve.

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