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What are the Applications of Tungsten Carbide Powder?

Tungsten carbide is a dark gray crystal with hexagonal structure composed of tungsten and carbon, with metallic luster and hardness similar to diamond. Tungsten carbide itself is fragile, so it must be mixed with a small amount of titanium, cobalt and other metal binders to reduce brittleness after molding. Tungsten carbide used as steel cutting tools is often added with titanium carbide, tantalum carbide or their mixture to improve bending strength, impact toughness and other properties.

One of the prerequisites for the wide use of tungsten carbide is that the combination of carbon and tungsten can produce many unique and excellent characteristics: heat resistance, rust prevention, scratch resistance, corrosion resistance, high hardness (second only to diamond), high wear resistance, high melting point, excellent electrical conductivity, conductivity, high strength (up to three times the strength of steel), easy to form, and can be processed into various shapes, The alloy is also sprayed onto the corresponding metal products by means of tungsten carbide spraying.

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Tungsten Carbide Tools
Tungsten carbide powder is the most important raw material of cemented carbide, and cemented carbide is also an indispensable material in contemporary industry. Tungsten carbide powder is widely used in the production of cemented carbide high-speed cutting tools, cutting tools, mining and geological drill inserts, tensile stamping dies, wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant parts, surface surfacing, kiln structural materials, jet engine parts, ceramic materials, resistance heating elements, wear-resistant semiconductor films, super-hard cutting tool materials, structural materials, electronic industry micro drill bits, precision molds and medical instruments.

Tungsten Carbide Surface Coating
Tungsten carbide powder is also used to produce hard surface coatings (diamond-like carbon). This kind of coating is extremely hard and durable, and protects the engine and other automobile parts under high stress from wear. By reducing the friction coefficient, tungsten carbide coating can prolong the service life of gears, stamping dies and many other components.

Carbide Mining and Smelting Tools
In many industrial fields, especially in the mining field, such as drilling platforms or mining platforms, a lot of cemented carbides are needed. According to statistics, in recent years, about 65% of the world's tungsten carbide has been applied to mining drill bits or cutting materials, and most of them are alloy or stainless steel materials strengthened by tungsten carbide spraying.

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Tungsten Carbide Alloy Composite
Statistics show that about 17% of tungsten carbide materials are used to make various special alloys or composites every year. These cemented carbides can be combined with nickel, iron, silver and copper, and are used in the construction industry, electronic industry, industrial gear manufacturing, radiation shielding materials and aviation industry material manufacturing and other industries.

Tungsten Steel (Tungsten Gold) Jewelry
In recent years, various kinds of jewelry produced with tungsten carbide powder and metal nickel powder have become popular rapidly due to many advantages, such as hard and excellent texture, wear and corrosion resistance, low cost, easy molding and processing. The hardness of tungsten carbide makes it suitable for making rings, pendants, earrings and other metal parts of jewelry. After polishing and polishing, the metal color of tungsten carbide plus nickel is similar to that of platinum jewelry. It is very beautiful, and it largely replaces platinum and gold jewelry products among young people, and is very popular. All kinds of tungsten carbide (tungsten steel, also known as tungsten gold) jewelry, business cards, commemorative gold bars, commemorative coins, various wedding celebrations, company celebration commemorative rings and commemorative coins designed and manufactured by China Tungsten Online are popular due to their low cost, high quality and permanent quality.

Medical Surgical Instruments
What is not well known to the outside world is that tungsten products have a wide range of uses in the medical field. In addition to the application of metal tungsten wires in cardiovascular interventional therapy, tungsten alloys have a long history of application in the field of radiation medicine, and also play a significant role in the field; One or two industries are an important emerging application field of cemented carbide based on tungsten carbide powder. The blade of various surgical tools used by surgeons and dentists are made of stainless steel or titanium alloy, while the blade part is generally made of tungsten carbide, not only because of the high hardness and wear resistance of cemented carbide, long service life, but also because it is not susceptible to external corrosion, deformation and deterioration, It will not have adverse effects on the treatment object.

Aerospace and Other Aerospace Materials
Tungsten carbide powder forms a solid solution with many carbides. WC-TiC-Co cemented carbide tool has been widely used. It can also be used as the modification additive of NbC-C and TaC-C ternary system carbides, which can reduce the sintering temperature and maintain excellent performance, and can be used as aerospace materials.

Specifically, cemented carbide (tungsten steel) based on tungsten carbide powder has many uses:
After careful analysis, we can find that tungsten carbide products can be used for any application that needs cutting, milling, boring, and any application with high heat, high hardness and high strength. In fact, the main factors to consider whether to use tungsten carbide products are the difficulty and cost of processing technology. Specifically, the applications of tungsten carbide alloys include:
1. All kinds of tools, turning tools, milling cutters, boring cutters, feed drills and grinding heads used in the field of machining;
2. It is used for the manufacture of anti-wear parts, resistance elements, alloy ceramics and carburizing tools.
3. It is used to replace platinum and other noble metals as catalysts in some organic reactions, such as catalytic hydrogenation/dehydrogenation of hydrocarbons, isomerization of hydrocarbons, synthesis of hydrocarbons, decomposition of hydrazine, oxidation and catalytic performance in ammonia synthesis;
4. As an electro-catalyst, it has excellent catalytic oxidation performance for hydrogen, water and methanol oxidation; As the basic raw material of ultra-fine cemented carbide, ultra-fine cemented carbide has shown a broad application prospect in the fields of hard-to-machine metal material tools, micro-drills in the electronic industry, precision molds, medical dental drills, etc;
5. It is used for high-wear parts including cutting tools, seals and bearings;
6. It is used as an electrode in the fields of electrochemical catalysis and fuel cell;
7. Tungsten carbide nanowires have good field emission performance, high resolution and good oxidation resistance, and are used as scanning tunneling electron microscope (STM) probes and field emission electrical devices.

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