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Tungsten Oxide Q&A

1.Tungsten oxide turns green?
Tungsten oxide is usually light yellow, but the coarse grain size during the production can get contact with moisture more easily, so the color is more like green.

2.Tungsten oxide danger sign?
Xi: Irritant

3.Tungsten oxide hardness?
Tungsten oxide is the oxide form of tungsten, the measuring physical property is FSSS grain size, apparent density, melting point, boiling point instead of hardness.

4.Is tungsten oxide hazardous?
Tungsten oxide has toxicity, make contact with tungsten compounds will stimulate the upper respiratory tract and deep respiratory tract. It also has irritation toward human's eyes and skin. During the operating process, making contact or inhalating tungsten oxide will make people be general weakness, fever, rash, proteinuria.

5.Is tungsten oxide combustion supporting?
Tungsten oxide has high melting point, it is often used as raw material of fire proofing clothes.

6.Tungsten oxide exporting quota?
Quota is canceled since January 2015, but exporting license is still required.

7.Tungsten oxide molecular weight?

8.Tugnsten oxide valence?
Among WO3, W is +6 valance, O is -2.

9.Tungsten oxide crystalline structure?
Tungsten oxide structure is determined by temperature: Above 740℃, it is tetragonal system, 330~740℃, it is orthorhombic system, 17~330℃, it is monoclinic system, -50~17℃ it is triclinic system.

10.Tungsten oxide producing temperature?
APT decomposition under 500℃ will becomes tungsten trioxide, turns into blue or violet oxide under 600℃.

11.Tungsten oxide color?
Yellow tungsten oxide is yellow or yellow green, blue tungsten oxide is dark blue, violet tungsten oxide is dark purple, tungsten dioxide is dark brown.

12.Tungsten oxide recovery?
Recovering tungsten oxide from tungsten scrap: firstly heating sodium hydroxide solution with tungsten scrap, sodium tungstate solution is obtained, then sodium tungstate is obtained by crystallization. Dissolve sodium tungstate in mother liquid to get sodium tungstate solution. Tungsten is get by organic extraction agent, after purifying we can get ammonium tungstate, by evaporation APT is obtained. The mother liquid can be recycled.

13.How to change tungsten oxide crystalline structure?
Crystalline structure of APT has influence on tungsten trioxide, also calcination temperature and thermal decomposition rate. Under different temperature, calcinating WO3 has different specific surface area and grain size. The higher temperature will get coarser WO3. Above 740℃, it is tetragonal system, 330~740℃, it is orthorhombic system, 17~330℃, it is monoclinic system, -50~17℃ it is triclinic system.

14.Tungsten oxide cathode material
The valence of cathode material decreases, its color changes; the valence of anode material increases, its color changes, tungsten oxide is cathode material.

15.Can tungsten oxide dissolve in acid?
Tungsten oxide can only dissolve in hydrofluoric acid.

16.Tungsten oxide refractive index?
Its emissivity is 0.1-0.6.

17.When is tungsten oxide electrochromism firstly came up?
In 1969, Deb from SERI lab found WO3 has electrochromism property and started to focus on the research.

18.Green tungsten oxide
Yellow tungsten oxide12~20um is yellow green, so sometimes people will call it green tungsten oxide.

19.Tungsten oxide reaction temperature?
Tungsten oxide reduced to tungsten powder under 900℃.

20.Tungsten carbide produce tungsten oxide
Tungsten carbide powder can be reduced by oxygen to produce tungsten oxide:WC+O2=WO3+CO2

21.Tungsten oxide and hydrogen reaction equation?

22.Tungsten oxide and titanium dioxide
TiO2 as the main content of photocatalyst with mixing of WO3 will promote its photocatalytic activity.

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