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Silicotungstic Acid Hydrate

Chinese Name: 硅钨酸水合物
English Name: Silicotungstic Acid Hydrate
Molecular Formula: H4[Si(W3O10)4]·xH2O
Molecular Weight: 2896.19
CAS Number: 12027-43-9
Dangerous Goods Code: Xi
Dangerous Grade: R36/37/38
Security Grade: S26-S36
Storage: Sealed in dry and cool place

Silicotungstic Acid Hydrate and Property
Silicotungstic acid hydrate is white or light yellow deliquescent crystalline, soluble in water and ethanol, soluble in crystalline water under heating, decomposition temperature is 600~650℃. It is mainly used as biological chemistry agent, analytical agent and alkali dyeing applied as mordant.

silicotungstic acid picturesilicotungstic acid hydrate molecular structure picture

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