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Medical Sodium Tungstate

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Medical sodium tungstate is transparent crystalline or white crystalline powder, it will weathering in dry air, lose crystal water under 100℃, soluble in water, insoluble in ethyl alcohol and acid.

In recent years, sodium tungstate is found to have strong function of antidiabetic. Research shows that medical sodium tungstate can lower the blood glucose of type 1 and type 2 diabetes animals to normal level. After stop using medicine, the blood glucose level is lower than control group, its toxicity is smaller and has higher availability in biology.

Study observes the effects of sodium tungstate on adipocyte glucose consumption and transport rate and the expression of GLUT-4mRNA, further explore the medical sodium tungstate hypoglycemic mechanism and found that it can promote adipocyte glucose consumption increased adipocyte glucose transport rate, and sodium tungstate observed enhanced adipocyte glucose metabolism showed a dose-dependent effect of concentration in 500,700umol / L when is tended to a higher level.

Studies use nickel sulfate, cobalt sulfate, sodium tungstate, sodium hypophosphite, sodium citrate and ammonium sulfate as raw materials, pH value = 8 to 10.5, to preparing nickel-titanium plating bath nickel-cobalt-tungsten alloy film; and by after the coating process will certainly be plated nickel-titanium alloy surface caustic, acid, sensitization and activation, immersed in a chemical plating bath, the metal thin film surface can be obtained excellent magnetic properties. Such a magnetic material may be used to prepare magnetic metal medical stents which not only has some therapeutic effect, but also the effect of chemotherapy.

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